Buzbee Brown Hatchery & Bird Farm

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Buzbee Brown Hatchery and Bird Farm

The Buzbee Brown Hatchery and Bird Farm currently breed over 12 breeds of exotic pheasant, various breeds of  Quail and Partridges.  We also have Erkel Francolin and several breeds of chicken.  See our Photo Gallery for part of our inventory.

Our two farms came together because of our common interests and we strive to have a clean healthy environment for our birds.  We are both NPIP certified.  We sell eggs, chicks, adult birds and breeding pairs as available.

Breeding season 2013 has just begun.  Contact us for information as follows:

Ray or Toni via phone at 256-287-1422 or email at rbuzbee@bellsouth.net.

Pat or Roger via phone at 256-287-0896 or email at 12pbrown@bellsouth.net.


 We will be happy to provide you with information on our available birds and pricing.